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Maurice Pearl Street Delicatessen - Menu

  • Made-To-Order Sandwiches

    Our Sandwiches are made as ordered with your choice of bread, cheese, dressings, and vegetables and come with a half-sour pickle at no additional charge. 

  • Roast Beef

    • $9.99

    Top grade, in house seasoned rotisserie eye round. Dipped in natural jus. 

  • Corned Beef

    • $10.99

    Brisket, pickled and spiced kosher style, stewed tender and trimmed lean. 

  • Pastrami

    • $10.99

    Smoked beef, herb spiced exterior rub, moist and tender. 

  • Turkey Breast

    • $9.99

    Lean white breast, basted in flavorful juices and cooked to moist perfection. 

  • Ham

    • $9.99

    Boneless smoked carving ham 

  • Italian Mix

    • $10.99

    Ham, Genoa Salami, Provolone Cheese & Italian dressing 

  • American Mix

    • $9.99

    Turkey Breast, Ham & Cheddar Cheese 

  • Crab Seafood Salad

    • $9.99

    Supreme blend of Snow Crab & Pollock, light sweet taste 

  • Chicken Salad

    • $9.50

    All white breast finely minced, deliciously seasoned with celery and spice 

  • Tuna Salad

    • $10.00

    Flake Yellow Fin Tuna, finely minced, deliciously seasoned with celery and spice 

  • Egg Salad

    • $9.99

    Fresh boiled eggs, mayonnaise, with a touch of pepper, mustard, onion & dill spices 

  • Liverwurst

    • $9.50

    High quality Mother Goose brand liver sausage 

  • Vegetarian Cheese

    • $9.50

    Any combination of available cheese, condiments and dressings 

  • B.L.T

    • $9.99

    Classic bacon, lettuce and tomato. 

  • Turkey Rachel

    • $11.99

    Hot turkey, on toasted rye with Russian melted Swiss and cole slaw.

  • Any add-on for extras

    • $2.00
  • Daily Baked Breads and Rolls

    – no added preservatives –

  • Hard Roll

    Crisp, flaky shell, with moist traditional baked bread flavor, our most popular. 

  • Onion Roll

    Similar to hard roll, but with dry caramelized onion flakes, good compliment to roast beef 

  • Deli Style Rye

    Hearty, chewy glazed crust, dense moist interior. Great with Corned Beef, Pastrami or Turkey. 
  • Whole Wheat

    Dark whole grain, with a bit of sweet molasses flavor. Goes well with tuna or chicken salad. 

  • Home-Style White

    Golden crusted hearty white, especially good to compliment not dominate your sandwich 

  • Multigrain

  • Sub Roll

    • $2.00

    Traditional Italian style torpedo. Intended for those with a hearty appetite, additional portion over standard sandwiches. 

  • Sandwich and Salad Dressings

    Quality Dressing really makes a sandwich stand out from the crowd, we make our own using recipes handed down over generations. 

  • Horseradish Sauce

    Full strength horseradish root mixed with the finest culinary mayonnaise to produce a pleasantly tangy compliment to beef or turkey 

  • Russian Dressing

    Sweet creamy with a hint of zing, accompany with cole slaw on Corned Beef and Swiss and you've got a Maurice's rueben 

  • Hot Sauce

    We offer Frank's Red Hot for those who need the heat! 

  • Italian Dressing

    We use Good Seasons spices with a fine olive oil blend for a low cholesterol, rich tasting dressing, goes especially well on Italian Mix sub/sandwich 

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Same healthy option as Italian but with aged balsamic vinegar for a darker, more complex favor 

  • Mayonnaise

    Rich culinary mayo with a zesty lemon favor 

  • Honey Mustard

    Our own blend, good low calorie option for sandwiches or salads 

  • Spicy Brown Mustard

    Dusseldorf style brown mustard, give it a try yellow mustard lovers, you'll never go back! 

  • Chipotle Mayo

  • Cranberry Mayo

  • Garlic Mayo

  • Cranberry Sauce

    Whole berries in sauce, combine with mayonnaise for an excellent turkey topping 

  • Toppings/Condiments

    Additional sandwich toppings customized to your style and taste.

  • Lettuce

    Fresh Romaine leaf lettuce 

  • Tomato

    Locally grown plum tomato while in season 

  • Onion

    Thinly sliced Spanish onion 

  • Cole Slaw

    Add to any sandwich of your liking, great on Corned Beef, or Pastrami 

  • Sliced Pickles

    Love our cuke salad, let us put it on your sandwich 

  • Red Pepper Relish

    Great way to kick it up a notch 

  • Cheese

    Swiss, American, Provolone, or Cheddar 

  • Bacon

    • $1.00

    Sandwich shaped bacon rounds, fully cooked crisp. 

  • Sauerkraut

    Fresh and local

  • Side Orders

    8oz. portioned salads to compliment your sandwich. 

  • Potato Salad

    • $3.50

    Roasted red potato with mayonnaise and savory spice 

  • Pasta Salad

    • $3.50

    Rotini pasta noodle in Italian vinaigrette dressing 

  • Tuna Macaroni Salad

    • $3.50

    Elbow noodle with mayonnaise, roasted red pepper, carrot, dry onion and a touch of chili powder 

  • Cole Slaw

    • $3.50

    Sweet crisp cabbage in tangy marinade with a hint of mayo 

  • Fruit Salad

    • $3.50

    Seasonal fresh fruit trimmed into bite sized pieces, includes; melon, grape, pineapple and seasonal berries 

  • Cucumber Salad

    • $3.50

    Sweet and sour marinaded, thinly sliced pickling cukes. 

  • Potato Chips

    • $0.95

    Large selection of Lay's flavors and varieties, single serve 1 oz. bags 

  • 4 OZ. Sandwich Salad Scoop

    • $3.75

    Full sandwich portion of Tuna, Chicken or Seafood Salad served on a bed of lettuce, no bread 

  • Scratch Made Soups, Chowders, and Chili

    Selections change daily. 

  • Quart of Half-Sour Pickles

    • $4.99

    Hand packed quart of our half sour pickles for you to share with others or hoard all for yourself

  • Cup

    • $4.00


  • Bowl

    • $5.00

    12 oz. 

  • Half Sandwich Combos

    Choose any sandwich selection on either white, whole wheat, or rye bread. 

  • with Cup of Soup

    • $9.00
  • with Bowl of Soup

    • $10.00
  • with Chips & Can of Soda

    • $9.00
  • Half Sandwich, Any

    • $6.00
  • Salad & Wraps

    Add Oven Roasted Chicken To Any Size $3.95

    Build Any Style Wrap Of Your Choice On:

    White, Wheat, Spinach, Herb Garlic Tomato Basil

    Gluten Free Options Add $1.50

  • Small Garden Salad

    • $4.95

    Personal portion, may specify combination of available vegetables, specify dressing selection 

  • Large Garden Salad

    • $7.95

    Personal portion, may specify combination of available vegetables, specify dressing selection 

  • Add Oven Roasted Chicken To Any Size

    • $3.95
  • Build Any Style Wrap Of Your Choice On:

    White, Wheat, Spinach, Herb Garlic Tomato Basil

  • Gluten Free Options

    • $1.50
  • Soup & Salad Bar

    • $8.99/lbs
  • Desserts

    luscious treats to round out your meal or for that late afternoon pick-up 

  • Cookies, in-house baked

    • $1.85

    Soft chewy, 1.5 oz portion cookie selection of Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Cherry White Chocolate 

  • Brownie

    • $1.85

    2 oz. portion of Chocolate Chip (nut free) or Blondie (chocolate chips w/walnuts) 

  • Crumb Cake

    • $1.85

    Butter crumb, cinnamon powdered sugar, topped dense yellow cake 

  • Tapioca Pudding

    • $1.85

    Vanilla flavored tapioca pudding cup 

  • Yogurt Parfait

    • $1.85

    Light airy flavored whipped parfait with peach, strawberry and blueberry yogurt base over a graham cracker crumb crust 

  • Donuts

  • Fresh Fruit (Banana or Apple)

    • $1.00
  • Beverages

  • Soda, Pepsi products

    • Med $1.49
    • LG $1.89

    Pepsi product selection of many diet and regular flavors available in 12 oz can or 20 oz bottle 

  • Tazo Iced Tea,


  • Naked Juices


  • Bottled Water

    • $1.85

    Plain and diet flavored, 20 oz 

  • Coffee (Small) Mountain Grove

    • $1.25

    Freshly ground premium whole bean -regular, decaffeinated and flavored.

  • Naked Juices

    • $3.25
  • Kevita

  • Coffee (Large) Mountain Grove

    • $1.85

    Freshly ground premium whole bean -regular, decaffeinated and flavored

  • Tea or Hot Chocolate

    • $1.25
  • Breakfast Sandwich

    • $5.00

    Scrambled egg and cheese with choice of ham, bacon or sausage on hard or bagel 

  • Morning Specialties

    Breakfast items available until 11:00 AM.

  • Breakfast Sandwich Special

    • $5.65

    Combine breakfast sandwich with any size coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or bottled water 

  • Muffin

    • $2.00

    Blueberry or Corn muffin 

  • Toasted Bagel

    • $2.25

    Bagel with cream cheese, peanut butter, jelly or honey 

  • Hard Roll

    • $1.25


  • 3 Piece Fried Dough Basket

    • $4.00
  • English Muffin

    • $1.50
  • Croissant

    • $2.00

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