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Maurice’s opened its doors to the public in downtown Schenectady in the 1950’s. Now owned and operated by Keith Mahler in downtown Albany, Maurice’s continues to provide exceptional food and service.

Maurice’s famous rotisserie cooked beef eye round. The rotisserie cooking method generates the characteristic lean crispy exterior with juicy tender center. Oven roasting cannot replicate these results. One taste for yourself and you’ll understand why!

Maurice Green and his wife Sylvia started their deli (The Original Maurice’s) in downtown Schenectady during the 1950’s. Having been a cook in the army, Maurice had acquired experience serving large groups in a tight time schedule. Maurice quickly became popular with legions of GE worker’s for his uniquely seasoned, rotisserie-cooked beef eye rounds. Each day they would line up to try Maurice’s famous Hot Roast Beef, sliced to order, dipped “au jus”, served on daily fresh baked breads or rolls. Each sandwich was topped with his home-made horseradish sauce, they all agreed that it’s the “finest roast beef you’ll ever have”.

Although Maurice’s has built its loyal following on Roast Beef, our reputation for great lunches does not stop there. We cook fresh corned beef, pastrami, turkey and chicken breast. While other “delis” may take the easy route and purchase their meats ready-to-serve, we take great pride in cooking our products in-house, whereby we can control ingredients, meat grade and cooking technique which ultimately affects flavor, freshness, and overall product quality. Our mission is to serve honest, high quality, deli food at an exceptional value!

Maurice retired and sold the delicatessen to the Sciochetti family in the mid 70’s. The deli was relocated to the iconic Nicholaus Building on the corner of State St. and Erie Boulevard. The Sciochetti family ran Maurice’s expanding to up to 4 locations at one point. For the next 25 years, Maurice’s continued its reputation as the premier lunch spot in downtown Schenectady. In 2014 Keith Mahler purchased Maurice’s Pearl Street Deli from Mike and Linda Sciochetti and continues to provide downtown Albany with the finest roast beef you’ll ever have.

15 Pearl Street in Albany, NY
(518) 434-7364